How to Make your iphone faster by clearing cache

clear iphone cache


Your iPhone is like every other piece of technology. It requires some regular maintenance. It is essential to maintain it in top physical condition, including cleaning your screen regularly; however, some maintenance must be done digitally, too. Even massive devices like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max can get overwhelmed if you ensure they’re optimized. One of the maintenance’s most superficial aspects is clearing your iPhone cache each month.

I get it. Everyone has an unending list of things to keep track of every month. Make sure you pay your mortgage or rent. Give your home a more thorough, cleaner look than the regular sweep. Contact the person you intended to contact the previous month. These little things are cumulative, making them easy to overlook. However, since this is an easy task, you can accomplish it in a matter of minutes after reading this guide.

If you’re surfing in Google, Safari, or elsewhere using your iPhone and iPad, your cache piles an accumulation of digital clutter with time. Clearing your cache will give the browser a fresh beginning, which speeds up your browsing experience whether you’re running iOS 15 or iOS 16. (And If you’re trying to make your phone perform faster, you should consider controlling the storage on your iPhone.)

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Imagine your cache for browsers as a closet for digital data. In time the iPhone saves information about websites like banners and photos in the closet to retrieve the information when you go to the website. The majority of the time, it speeds up the browsing experience. After a while, however, your closet will become overcrowded, and the storage space might differ from what you want.

The cache of your browser is dated, and the information that is being downloaded no longer corresponds to the data that is being utilized on the site. What happens? Slow loading speeds and inconsistent formatting.

Clearing your cache is beneficial to give sites a fresh start in your browser and lets you free up room in the storage. It is essential to note that clearing the cache can make you unregistered from the websites that you’re currently logged in to. It’s still worth the slight inconvenience every month to ensure that things are running smoothly.

These are step-by-step instructions for clearing your memory on the iPhone, depending on your browser.


How do you clean your iPhone cache within Safari?

Safari is the browser that comes with default for iPhones, and you can clean all of your Safari cache in just a few simple steps. Beginning in iOS 11, following this procedure will impact every device signed into your iCloud account. In the end, the caches on your devices will be cleared, and you’ll have to sign in when you next make use of your devices. Here’s how to proceed.

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1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Choose Safari from the menu of applications.

3. Go to Advanced > Website Data.

4. Scroll down to select the option to erase all data from your website.

5. Select to remove the button from the pop-up window.

How do you clean your iPhone cache from Chrome?

It’s easy to clear your iPhone cache in Chrome.


James Martin/CNET

Chrome is another well-known browser that is popular with iPhone users. The process of cleaning your Chrome cache involves several steps. You’ll have to perform the task via the Chrome browser. Here’s how.

1. Open the Chrome app.

2. Click on the three dots at the bottom left to display additional options.

3. Scroll up to the top and choose Settings.

4. Choose the Privacy and Security option in the following menu.

5. Then, select Clean Browsing Data to start one other menu.

6. Choose the desired time range on the left (between the Last Hour and All-Time).

7. Make sure that Cookies Site Data and Cookies are selected, as are caching images and files. Then, click precise Browsing Data in the lower right of your screen.

How do you clean your iPhone cache within Firefox?

If you’re an avid Firefox fan, Don’t fret. Cleaning any caches on your iPhone is quite simple. Follow these steps.

1. The hamburger menu is located in the lower right corner to reveal choices.

2. Select the option Settings at the lower part of the list.

3. Choose the option Data Management in the privacy section.

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4. You can choose the option Website Data to delete information for specific websites or click Clean Private Data at the end of the screen. This will clear data from all fields.

What happens after you clear the cache?

Clearing your cache will remove the information from websites that your phone kept locally to avoid the need to download this data every time you make a new visit. The cache data gets more significant over time and may slow down your system if it becomes excessively large or outdated. (My phone was storing approximately 150MB of information in Chrome when I checked.) Clearing the cache allows websites to start over, fix specific loading issues, and improve the speed of your browser. But clearing your cache will also take you off websites, and you must log in again to every site.

What is the frequency I have to clean my cache?

Most users only need to clear their caches every month or every two. This is usually at which your browser builds up a cache that is large enough to cause it to slow down. If you visit a wide variety of websites, it is recommended to err towards getting rid of your cache frequently.


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