Petrol scarcity bites harder as transport fares rise by 125% across Abuja


The scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit also known as petrol in Abuja persisted on Tuesday and provoked an over 100 percent rise in transport fares in many parts of the nation’s capital.

Also, hundreds of roadside petrol black marketers were sighted in various locations within the Federal Capital Territory, trading the commodity between N350 to N400 per liter.

As a result of the short supply of petroleum products, motorists quickly formed long queues in front of the small number of filling stations that dispensed the commodity.

Furthermore, commercial transporters quickly hiked their fares; thereby, deepening the woes of the people. For instance, the fare from Kurudu of Mararaba/Nyanya axis, a border town between Abuja and Nasarawa, to Garki district in the city center, which used to be between N300 and N350, was raised to N1,000 Tuesday.

Likewise, cab-hailing companies have quickly adjusted their pricing system to align with the current realities on the ground in order to maintain their profit margins while keeping the fleet owners and the drivers on their platforms happy even in the face of the hardships caused by the insufficient stock of petrol.

Depending on the distance covered, these findings indicate that the current scarcity of petrol has led to a double/triple-digit inflation rate in the commercial transport sector of the FCT, which ranges from 50 – 200 percent.


A commuter, Vivian Ifezue, who transits from Ketti community to the Central Business District for work six days in a week told our correspondent on Tuesday that she paid N1,000.


Ifezue said, “From Ketti, we used to pay N600 to CBD, but this morning it has increased to N1,000 due to fuel scarcity.

“Without any additional income source, paying that extra N400 is not easy. And for a late trip to my place of residence, there’s going to be an extra N200 added to N1,000. This is hard to bear”

Also, Mr. John Opejobi, who lives along the Airport road but works in Utako district, also told a story of unhappiness.

He said despite that he had to pay extra transportation costs, he had to scramble with other passengers to secure a seat at the bus stop.

He said, “How long will they continue to suffer? I am not happy with the increase in transport fares, but I am more pained that I have to spend additional time at bus stop for a vehicle going my way to come along, and when any appears, I still have to struggle with other people to secure a seat.

“Yesterday, I had to stand in a Coaster bus all the way from Berger to the Airport road junction leading to my house, because I could not get a seat.”



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