Trending: As Remi Surutu Did This To Møurn As She Remembers Her Late Daughter 5 Years After Her Dęath

Nollywood & Yoruba movie actress, Remi Surutu is currently griēving the loss of her daughter who died five (5) years ago.


It has become a tradition for REMI to continuously celebrate after the death of a daughter who passed on due to sickle cell complications she had gone ahead to visit the burial site of her daughter as she does yearly with other families sharing a video of some of the family members sitting at the gravesite of AYOMIKUN.

I don’t recapture she said rest on my angel will love you now and forever that surfaced online there were several other pictures of AYOMIKUN a mother and a sister filled with so many memories they had together, well it was a painful one and emotional one for Remi Surutu after losing a daughter wasn’t allowed or permitted to attend the burial of a daughter due to Europa right on a rainy Thursday morning

Friends and family over Missouri too gathered to finally lay to rest AYOMIKUN daughter of actress REMI SURUTU who died July 2nd after a protracted battle with sickle cell AYOMIKUN was given an intimate burial in the ebony vault in ikoyi

The funeral was solemn and malacca as manas were seen comforting each other of course she was still very young at the time she passed away and such an atmosphere is expected Hermes site was not permitted to attend the burial as mentioned earlier according to the cultural demands but she was represented by some of her colleagues like BUSOLA OKE, YOMI FABIYI, IYABO OJO, and RONKE OSHODIOKE

To mention but a few sisters of late AYOMIKUN also wrote and penned down this at first message to a little sister saying rest in peace my only sister I love you now and forever we’re just two and now you left me with mom I’m sure you are in a better place now I love you AYOMIKUN ILERIAYO, MOTUNRAYO OMOTANWA MI, be my sister again the next life this was AYOMIKUN’S sister saying this as she leaves at least a star to rest so the sorrow of REMI SURUTU came to an end when the one and only daughter left behind with.

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REMI SURUTU was married and gave birth to a beautiful daughter she was joyful she was joyous she was glad as she went on to state that God gave back her late daughter to her through a granddaughter celebrating this in an interview with Saturday speech she said words cannot describe the joy I am experiencing I am now a grandmother my second and only surviving daughter has delivered a baby girl last Thursday.

I believe my latest daughter’s firstborn is back with me there is no more weeping for me the baby is my late daughter’s cap on copy the emptiness of these past years has disappeared and I feel so fulfilled I never knew I would become a grandma this soon.


My daughter is a career-oriented person she’s not really married centric so when things began to fall into place it came as a surprise I know God spoke to her from me as a matter of fact my daughter and her spouse told me they were not ready for a child the only ceremony we have had was the introduction from our way of introducing both families to one another we had planned their Wedding for December.

This was Remi Surutu too joyfully expressing this in an interview she also admitted that she still misses our late daughter of course this is why she has made it a tradition to always visit our Daughter’s grave site every July second of every year.

Since a person, she added saying I still cry and miss my daughter but my grandchild is my support now on July 2nd every year I visit my daughter’s grave I also go there on her birthday and hers too I just go there to pray because of all I had gone through a lot of people were happy for me I’ve received so many congratulatory calls and messages I can’t say she came back at the right time this was a mystery to sharing this Missouri to shared a heart warm message and that felt messy to a late daughter

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And a person she added and said dearest Ayomikun as a mother and child it is natural we share both physical and abstract tools laughter pain and compliment but honestly she had a bond I cannot find a most appropriate adjective for it yet as a friend it has never been in my attention to see you go through any form of pain but as human pain can emanate from any form and when your pain began I have always thought God’s favor to transfer your pains so you’ll be fully lively as you want and in your pain, you were strong for us we went everywhere together you were my immediate younger sister I remain one of the best things that ever happened to me, my confidant

You have never forsaken me or your sister Dupe and Demilade will miss you I will keep your memories forever and in all honesty, I can only console myself with the belief that I will see you again my beautiful precious daughter please rest well till we meet to part no more my love my prayer and affection for you will be internal I have said
thank you to all that are helping to give you a lasting rest please your mother Remi.

This was what Remi Surutu said years back when she laid a daughter to rest well a few months ago in me Remi Surutu lost her mother and it was a painful one for her as well she went ahead to share a picture of her mother anded a caption saying Mami is gone at 101 words fill me the surprise of many Remi Surutu mother as age 101 was still looking radiant and her skin was still popping.

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One month after this Remi shared a video of her late mother and she gathered the caption saying today marks one full month without you I miss you so much mom of course her comment section we’re filled with so many reactions praying for her mother to rest on and rest in the Lord and God bring comfort to her as she moans her mother.


This is a gracious person for the mother of a researcher but nevertheless, there is no better time to lose a loved one no matter how old they get actually one’s parent either father or mother no matter how old it gets, no matter how much time you spend together with them, it is never enough of pain.

And sorrow is over for Remi Surutu as she celebrates her granddaughter who she claims to be the reincarnation of our first born our first daughter who passed away sharing beautiful pictures of her wonderful granddaughter and wishing her a happy birthday she celebrated her birthday on the 20th of May this year as she clocks one.

Remi Surutu shared a picture and a video of her granddaughter with another caption saying happy birthday Ayo Abakale having you in my life is one of the most beautiful gifts God gave me honestly I can’t imagine my life without you, you give me strength and happiness you are my best friend and my first grandchild you mean everything to me i love you’re so much my baby, this was Remi Surutu thanking God for the celebration of her grandchild well we pray that the soul of the departed continue to rest in peace

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